Vintage Web Design

 Feb 09, 2021


The antiques marketplace has historically been a niche speciality, whose basis of operation was entirely based on physical visits to an antique shop or centre to make a purchase. But the antique world as we have known it to be for decades has changed and evolved with time. Just like every market space is embracing technology, so is the antiques community. While some of those within the industry have managed to sustain a strong business, marking your presence on the digital medium is vital nowadays to grow further.

Many antique shop owners are putting more and more effort into building their business online. From a single page antiques and vintage dealer’s website to fully bespoke Ecommerce antiques websites, there are a huge range of options available depending on the scale of online operation that you might be looking at. A good web designer will be able to create wonderful and functional websites for you, built as per your specific requirements to suit the personality of your business.

What an antiques or vintage website design needs is a designer with a clear understanding of the antiques world, allowing them to create the ideal design based on the overall feel of the specific business. Alongside a strong base website there are many ways in which an antiques website can be customised to meet any particular requirements or desires. They can include shopping carts, wish lists, delivery charges, marketing, stock alert and most importantly social media integration. When it comes to designing a website for antiques it is a bit different in comparison to other types.

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