Selling Antiques on Instagram

 Jan 10, 2021


Instagram is a multifaceted powerhouse. From sharing content and connecting with your customers to sharing updates about products or services and online sales, everything can be done without actually spending a lot. Many businesses are making the most of this platform to sell their products including businesses within the antiques industry, who are also getting onto this social media bandwagon.
Instagram is a great platform to promote and sell products, especially antiques. Now, why antiques? With antiques, it is all about visuals and this platform allows you to create a ‘Feed’ that is visually appealing. This is where your viewers can get a glimpse of your products, as well as your store, and get an overall feel for your business and your collection. For many antique dealers asking customers to visit their Instagram page turns out to be more beneficial than actually giving out a business card.
The call to action rate, although indirect, is quite high as you can touch people’s basic instincts as they get a glimpse into your style. Visual appeal can trigger an instant reaction and your posts always have the potential to be converted into sales almost instantaneously. Direct messaging connects you to the buyer directly. And how much time does it take to add a post? Not more than a minute or two.
There are examples of antique sellers for which Instagram accounts for 95% of their sales. It is all about word of mouth publicity, a loyal fan base and consistent content sharing. With the right use of this platform, it could very well become the prime retail outlet for many. All you need is a creative streak when it comes to displaying your collection, being savvy enough to use the platform’s ability to shape your brand, and a desire to genuinely engage with people in the Instagram community to increase credibility. At the moment there is no place like this to connect with an extended audience of like-minded people from all over the world