Pinterest Marketing for Small Businesses

 Oct 19, 2021


Have you been using Pinterest just for your searches or have you jumped on the Pinterest marketing bandwagon already? If you still haven't, maybe it is time to give it some thought.

On the face of it, Pinterest and Instagram as platforms appear to be quite similar in nature and if you are already on one, you might end up overlooking the other. Instagram has been more popular for longer and hence Pinterest takes a back seat for many. But although similar, there is a stark dissimilarity between the two platforms with each platform bringing something unique to the table when it comes to marketing your product or service.

Yes, both these platforms are about aesthetics and visual communication for marketing. But both serve different purposes. While Instagram is primarily used to share a user’s personal pictures, Pinterest serves as a platform for curating and saving content that has been often uploaded by other users.

Instagram lets you share while Pinterest allows you to discover.
Talking about Pinterest for marketing, firstly begin by creating an account.
A few tips as you go ahead with Pinterest
With any of the platforms, creating eye-catching content is key to success. An attractive vertical visual will work well considering most people will browse on their phone. The title needs to be catchy and the description on point. For a small business, creating brand awareness is very important and you could always add a logo to the images so that the visuals reflect your brand and create interest.

Consistency is key and without regular uploads you will lose out on exposure. You must pin at least once a day. Regular posting has been made easy by platforms like Hootsuite, Tailwind etc. where you can schedule multiple posts. One of the most important parts of Pinterest’s content strategy is targeting the right audience with ads. You can target your audience with age, interest, location, and keywords.

These few pointers are good to get you started. As with every platform and their ever-changing algorithms, you will learn as you go and understand what works best for you. If you are getting started and need help, get in touch with us for Social Media Marketing for Small Business.