Online Antique Store Marketing

 Nov 03, 2020
The antique trade is not a business model as conventional as some. Although business basics remain the same, they require a particular approach often bespoke to the client, the business orientation and the customer base. 

A website is one of the most important aspects of any online business. It should be professionally designed and contain all the relevant information. 

When considering an antiques website, antiques are commonly separated into several categories, including place of origin, style period, type of furniture pieces, decorative antiques, vintage antiques and more. Also important is including details about what exactly you the business are about. No dealer or shop is the same, each with their specialities, sources and reputation. 

If you have an online store attached to your website, product listings have to be good quality with proper descriptions, pictures, dimensions and prevenance. Product videos are now being incorporated by many sellers which gives a better idea of the product. Many provide a visualisation option under their product listing wherein one can visualise how the product will look in their home when they upload a picture of the setting on the website.

Antiques are such a niche where authenticity holds prime importance above all. Your website should also look genuine and if possible, should give a complete view of your physical store as well. Appointments through video conferencing are taking centre stage with the current situation. But in general, too, a personal approach while dealing online can go a long way into building trust.

A blog attached to the website is of utmost importance. With antiques, there is a lot to be explored, and this allows you to build up your blog very well. Your blog can give particulars of the items you sell and go beyond that to include in-depth details about its history, prevalent styles origins, and a lot more. There could be write-ups about caring for your antiques, valuations, tips, and trick while buying antiques, etc. A good blog goes a long way into creating awareness of your shop.

Once a power-packed website is in place, there is social media to think of. There are several social media platforms at your disposal with new features coming up every single day. Making use of these is very important to grow. Instagram and Facebook have added quite a few features such as IGTV, Reels, Facebook/Insta Live sessions, etc that can go a long way in promoting your products. Some options take the viewers directly to the product listing on your website, which makes a great CTA option.

A planned and well-executed online marketing strategy for an antique shop can bear a lot of fruits. And besides, it is always fun to work on building up your business online with the kind of exposure you can receive, allowing your online shop to flourish. Make sure you use all possible tools at your disposal, and there is nothing to stop you from growing beyond your boundaries.

For more information - contact us. We have a broad portfolio of many Antiques websites, and experience dealing with the owners of these unique businesses.

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