In today's digital age, your website serves as the backbone of your online presence and business operations. To ensure its smooth functioning and optimal performance, investing in comprehensive website support services is essential. Here is a look at the importance of these services and how they can benefit your online presence. Read More »

Having a well-optimised website is crucial for businesses seeking to establish a strong online presence and attract valuable traffic. Website optimisation involves a combination of technical enhancements and user-centric strategies that aim at improving performance and enhancing the overall user experience. Let’s take a look at some key strategies for website optimisation that can help you achieve your online goals. Read More »

In this digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for antique businesses to thrive. Effective SEO strategies are the key to making your antique website stand out in the vast online marketplace. Read More »

In this digital age, creating a website has never been easier and there are countless generic website templates conveniently available. However, why settle for ordinary and uninspiring when your antique shop can instead stand out with a beautiful website that is just as unique as the treasures you stock? Introducing our bespoke vintage-themed websites – a tailor-made digital experience that resonates with the essence of your brand. Read More »

In the digital age, a website is often the first impression of your business. But it is not just about looking good; it is also about being found. Our website embodies both timeless design elegance and SEO excellence, ensuring your experience is both visually captivating and effortlessly discoverable. Read More »

Vintage-themed websites are a compelling idea in the current world, offering a unique and nostalgic experience to users. Incorporating elements from the past into web design allows businesses and individuals to stand out in a sea of modern websites, sparking curiosity and evoking emotions. The appeal of vintage-themed websites lies in their ability to create a sense of authenticity and charm, making users feel connected to history and tradition. By using retro fonts, aged colour palettes, and vintage imagery, these websites can transport visitors to another time, leaving a lasting impression. Read More »

In today's digital era, having an online presence is crucial for any business, including antique dealers. However, simply having a website is not enough. To truly succeed in the online marketplace, it's essential to focus on website design and optimisation. One key aspect of this is the role of website layout in conversion optimisation. Read More »

If you own an antique store, it's imperative that your website reflects the essence of your store and exudes an antique charm. Undoubtedly, the appearance of your website plays a pivotal role in captivating users and discouraging swift exits. Your website should possess an antique yet attractive aesthetic while maintaining user-friendliness. Read More »

Designing antique websites requires a thoughtful approach that combines aesthetics, functionality, and a deep understanding of the antique market. In a world driven by AI, a creative human mind is sometimes essential to thoroughly understand the business right so as to bring in the true essence of what your ideologies are all about. Bringing on board an antique designer who not only understands your values but is capable of aligning those with the requirements of the ever-changing online marketplace is important. Read More »

An appealing and user-friendly website design is crucial for antique dealers. The expectations surrounding antique website designs are high, as visitors anticipate a unique and captivating experience with each site they explore. A well-designed website not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also allows antique dealers to concentrate on their core business. By entrusting the intricacies of website design to professionals, antique dealers can strike the right balance between antique charm and modern usability, engaging users and encouraging them to stay on the site. In this article, we will delve into key considerations for designing an effective website for antique dealers. Read More »

As the world increasingly moves online, antique collectibles and furniture are no exception. While people used to prefer seeing and feeling a product before buying it, many now prefer to view it online or virtually before making a purchase. If you have an antique store with unique furniture or collectibles, each with its own story that could be a selling point, setting up an online store or website can be a great way to educate potential customers and reach a wider audience. Read More »

Antique dealers have many extraordinary products that need to be viewed by potential clients before they make their purchasing decisions. Personal selling comes later, but if the client is not lured to your company or your product, they will never know the importance of antiques and their variety. Read More »

If you are creating a website for your antiques business, it makes sense that you will want the aesthetics of your online presence to match that of your shop. Is this something that is difficult to achieve though? Fortunately, if you choose the correct designer you can get the perfect website. Read More »

Your website is the first impression a potential customer will have of you and your brand. It needs to look appealing and relevant at first glance to ensure the user is inclined to stay on the website and read on to learn more. Before you can impress visitors with your attractive website you must first make sure they can find it. That’s where SEO is essential. Read More »

It is a well known fact that your website needs to be effortlessly beautiful and eye-catching. Only then will your potential customers want to visit your website and be in business with you. If you are going for the vintage theme, you have a lot of work and research to do. While vintage themed websites look beautiful, there is a lot to keep in mind like the font style, font size, colours and overall look. Read More »

If you are selling antiques or vintage items, it is only fitting that your website reflects your business in its design. On the other hand though, if your product is completely modern, a vintage website can add hype to it. Either way, a vintage theme website could be a winner. Read More »

In the current dynamic world, merely having a physical shop for your antiques isn’t enough. Although it is important to stick to the basics, one needs to adapt to the dynamic ways of the digital world. Hence, it is important to build a dynamic e-commerce website for your antiques store. Read More »

Organic traffic is very important for your website if you want to see better potential for sales. For antique dealers it is even more vital as the area is niche and the target audience limited. Hence you need specific SEO strategies tailored to suityour business format to ensure the right traffic and high successful conversion rates. Read More »

Having a successful website doesn’t just end after it has been designed and went live. To keep your website performing well it needs to be constantly maintained, which can be hard work. Unfortunately, having a good-looking website in place is just half the battle! Ongoing maintenance and upkeep are necessary to ensure your online presence continues to grow. Read More »

No matter what kind of business you own, if you want online traffic and subsequent leads, SEO is important. What is the use of a website that is not noticed at all? No visibility and no traffic means no leads and no sales! SEO, unlike other forms of advertising, helps you target the right audience that actually have an interest in your products. And for a website that deals in antiques, this is one thing that is very important. Antiques has a very niche audience that can be quite difficult to connect with. It is important that you successfully grab the attention of this set of people for a better potential for sales. Read More »

When people think of websites, it is only on the lines of building a website. While it is important to build a relevant, informative, and good-looking website for your business, this is just the beginning. There are a number of tasks that need to be performed on a continuous basis so as to ensure that the effort that goes into building your website does not go to waste. Read More »

We always believe in seamless integration of our client’s websites with social media platforms. Read More »

Are you contemplating having an ecommerce antiques website for your store? If you haven’t already, it is time that you give it a thought. Ecom Solutions is the place to turn to if you wish to set up your online antique store. As well as stellar website design we have a lot more to offer. Read More »

Have you been using Pinterest just for your searches or have you jumped on the Pinterest marketing bandwagon already? If you still haven't, maybe it is time to give it some thought. Read More »

Setting foot into the world of online shopping is a recent move for many antique dealers. And further venturing into the world of social media is a whole new ball game altogether. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc are some of the platforms that can work wonders when it comes to increasing traffic back to your website. It is all interrelated after all! Read More »

Setting up a good store and ensuring that it generates enough traffic are two entirely different things. With the world still reeling from the uncertainty of the past year, the importance of online shopping has greatly increased. Getting buyers to your website is the most important factor, and then it’s a case of converting those visits into sales. If your website is lacking the footfall that it ideally should be generating here are few elements that you need to focus on Read More »

While using your phone, how many times has one of your apps crashed or the system malfunctioned? At least once or twice to say the least? This could be true in the case of your website as well. Website support comes in handy for any issues your website may experience. Web support means you have an easy avenue to report system-related issues. This includes content or data errors, data appearing incorrectly, creating vanity URLs or providing feedback. Read More »

Merely having a website is of no use if it does not appear at the top of search pages and nobody knows about it. Antiques attract a very specific set of audiences however, just having a website isn’t enough unless it reaches the right people. SEO aims to market your website to the right audience so as to capture an organic set of visitors. If you are an antique store with a website attached to it, implementing an effective SEO strategy is important if you wish to portray your website in the right manner to the right kind of viewers. It’s worth noting that organic visits to your website has better potential in terms of converting to sales.   Read More »

Marketing your online antique store can be a little tricky. Many antique collectors and buyers are used to the tradition of visiting antique stores and converting them into online shopping may not be easy. Building a meaningful website is the first step towards gaining exposure, and this website then allows you to build the trust of your clients. Read More »

Antiques are something that not many buyers will typically think to buy online. However a growing number of antique dealers are deciding to go digital in order to gain maximum exposure for their business, with the volume of antique eCommerce websites increasing every day. Creating an online antique shop is not as easy as some other eCommerce websites and often requires a lot of thought and creativity. Read More »

The antiques marketplace has historically been a niche speciality, whose basis of operation was entirely based on physical visits to an antique shop or centre to make a purchase. But the antique world as we have known it to be for decades has changed and evolved with time. Just like every market space is embracing technology, so is the antiques community. While some of those within the industry have managed to sustain a strong business, marking your presence on the digital medium is vital nowadays to grow further. Read More »

Instagram is a multifaceted powerhouse. From sharing content and connecting with your customers to sharing updates about products or services and online sales, everything can be done without actually spending a lot. Many businesses are making the most of this platform to sell their products including businesses within the antiques industry, who are also getting onto this social media bandwagon. Read More »

If you are in the antique business, a focussed and targeted content marketing strategy has to be the best way forward. Antiques is a niche sector of specialised interest, so this has to be taken into account when devising an effective marketing strategy that will reach the relevant crowd. Above all, this will ensure your business is best positioned to fulfil its full potential.  Read More »

The antique trade is not a business model as conventional as some. Although business basics remain the same, they require a particular approach often bespoke to the client, the business orientation and the customer base.  Read More »

Adding a cart to the website allows your customers to create a temporary list of pieces by adding them to the cart. It helps them keep a track of items until they leave your website. Customers can sometimes save their lists to a file or forward it to an email address which will allow them to keep a better track of their options. Items can also be placed on hold or added to a wish list for review later. Shopping cart technology isnt all about buying, it also helps users with their buying decisions. Read More »

This year has had a drastic effect on the revenues of quite a few businesses. While more traditional marketing techniques were less effective amidst the situation, what did very well in most of sectors was digital marketing. Even businesses that had never ventured into or not made complete use of this medium have done so now. Read More »

A website will not work at 100% if it is not maintained periodically. Having a good website for your antique shop gives you a digital foothold and a considerable amount of exposure. But maintenance and support are essential to make sure that it continues to do its job well. Every antique website is different and at Website Design for Antiques, we provide you with precisely the support that you need for your website.  Read More »

Investing in a website often takes a backseat, especially in the case of small businesses. A website is an important asset for any business no matter what the scale and reach of the audience, a valuable medium for information sharing and reaching out to your customers. 

With many now building up their businesses solely online, without a brick and mortar store, the need for a small business having a strong online foothold is crucial in order to sustain, compete and continue to grow. Read More »

Antiques is a market that has made a slower transition to the digital arena for its sales. The nature of the business is such that many customers won't buy large or expensive antiques unless they can see and touch them first, and also there tends to be negotiation so the listed price may not be the final price. While web sales have always traditionally been a small percentage of sales, the picture is bound to change with COVID-19 crisis affecting the way people are shopping and the habits they take away from this. Read More »

The antique trade is such that it has an extensive clientele that goes beyond local boundaries. There are a lot of clients who are not just domestic but also located internationally. So it becomes necessary to develop and boost your presence through an online platform. One essential tool to achieve the reach required by an antique dealer is “Website Optimisation”.  Read More »

Every business is different and requires different strategies to make a mark in the competitive digital world. The world of antiques is its own marketplace and requires a different set of techniques and SEO strategies in order to get noticed online. Here we discuss 4 simple yet impactful online strategies that work in the world of antiques: Read More »

Antiques are such that this business has a very discerning set of clients. 

An online antique business needs to be marketed in such a way that it reaches the right set of people. If you are online, in order to make the most of it, you need to apply the right marketing and SEO strategies to gain maximum exposure. A successful website makes one of the best assets for your antique business. Using the right online marketing strategies is what is important. Read More »

February sees us launch Rue de Fontenelles.

Last year we popped down to the attractive town of Chagford in Devon to meet the passionate owner - Caroline. Read More »

Antiques is a unique market place with a varied group of people venturing into it - both as traders and as a customer. Some are always in search of unique antiques for their decor or for a personal collection, and some are buyers browsing for a one-off item or decorative piece. Read More »

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is necessary for all businesses, including antiques.
Having a strong digital foothold and marketing your product or service to the right audience is important in order to thrive and grow. The antiques and vintage market is a niche area and needs to be marketed in the right manner in order to generate leads and sales.
The antique market is such that it is scattered all over the world and your website is the perfect way to reach out to a wider audience.  Read More »

In today’s competitive world, there are very few successful businesses that do not have digital exposure. The need for a website in antiques is as important as in any other business.


The reality is, if you’re not online, you’re losing out on considerable business exposure and in turn potential clientele. Even if you are into the niche market of antiques, there still is a need to be visible online as not all customers visit in person.

Read More »

Antiques shops antiques warehouses stall holders.....
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