Is your online Antiques Store Generating Enough Sales?

 Aug 16, 2021


Setting up a good store and ensuring that it generates enough traffic are two entirely different things. With the world still reeling from the uncertainty of the past year, the importance of online shopping has greatly increased. Getting buyers to your website is the most important factor, and then it’s a case of converting those visits into sales. If your website is lacking the footfall that it ideally should be generating here are few elements that you need to focus on:
1.    When it comes to antiques, pictures matter. Make sure that there are plenty of high-resolution pictures that showcase your antiques in the best possible manner. High resolution photography will definitely do the trick and will give your visitors a feel of the product which is of course one of the most important factors when it comes to antiques. Websites these days can handle high resolution photographs quickly, so you need not worry about slowing down the visitor experience.
2.    Videos are even better! If you can incorporate one, or simply have a YouTube link, this will allow customers a more intimate look at your products.
3.    When it comes to antiques, being up front about the price is often better. Oftentimes buyers can be deterred from making a purchase if they have to contact you for the price.
4.    With antiques comes a lot of versatility. By grouping pieces based on type, theme, origin, or other criteria you can simplify the browsing process, allowing visitors to find what they are looking for easily.
5.    Setting up an online store and making the process as simple and seamless as possible is important.
6.    When dealing with antiques, establishing trust is vital. Compared to other types of products, antiques are a more recent addition to online retail - in part thanks to the pandemic. Antique aficionados typically prefer to go into a physical shop to make their purchase. However, a website that can build trust and give a proper feel of the products can definitely entice buyers. If you are a part of any antique dealer associations, make sure that you display the relevant details about it on your website.
7.    Lack of information can be a deterrent. If your website does not provide full details of a particular piece, many buyers will be discouraged.
8.    Your website should be user friendly. If your visitors can navigate the website easily, they will stay for longer and the chance of them making a purchase will increase.
9.    Responsive websites are important. Antique websites are full of high-quality pictures and if these are not optimised to be displayed properly on phones and tablets, you might lose potential clients. Make sure that the mobile experience is as good as the desktop experience.
10. Lastly, make sure that your website implements search engine optimisation. Even if your website does everything else well, if it’s not optimised to rank highly on search engine results pages you may find it difficult to gain new visitors.

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