Ecommerce Antiques Website Design

 Mar 09, 2021


Antiques are something that not many buyers will typically think to buy online. However a growing number of antique dealers are deciding to go digital in order to gain maximum exposure for their business, with the volume of antique eCommerce websites increasing every day. Creating an online antique shop is not as easy as some other eCommerce websites and often requires a lot of thought and creativity.

Apart from the attributes that are usually required on an eCommerce website, an antique website has to perfectly portray the aesthetics and character of the store. It should be presented in a way that gives it an authentic and trustworthy feel, in order to appeal to antique lovers who may be more familiar with buying their antique in person rather than online.

Here are a few of the things that we always keep in mind while designing an antique eCommerce website:
·         The design is always a reflection of the actual store. We incorporate as many pictures of the store as possible. This makes the website feel more real and trustworthy.
·         Pictures are very important. Each and every product listing has descriptive pictures for viewing. We also urge our clients to add videos of products wherever possible. In spite of being loaded with pictures and videos, our websites are optimised in such a way that the loading time is minimal. We ensure an easy browsing experience, so customers can quickly and easily view the antiques or navigate to their desired products.
·         The content of the website is important. Any blog or news section should be informative while also giving out details about the latest product listings.
·         Many people look to the various antique associations such as BADA or LAPADA to learn which companies are trustworthy and legitimate. Memberships of these associations are always highlighted on the landing page of the website itself.
·         We ensure that every website is responsive and performs equally as well across all screen sizes and devices.
·         The websites are secure, making sure that browsing, as well as transactions, are all safe.
·         We also take care of SEO and SMM in order to make sure that the website is visible, ranks well and engages with your clients very well.

If you are thinking of going online, do get in touch with us for more information on how we can design the perfect ecommerce antique website for your business. We work closely with our clients every step of the way to make sure that the final design portrays your vision and ideas. Please have a look through our website for more details.