Antiques Dealers Website Optimisation

 Apr 29, 2020
The antique trade is such that it has an extensive clientele that goes beyond local boundaries. There are a lot of clients who are not just domestic but also located internationally. So it becomes necessary to develop and boost your presence through an online platform. One essential tool to achieve the reach required by an antique dealer is “Website Optimisation”. 

In this way, be it direct customers, interior designers or even bigger businesses - you can reach out through your digital platform. However, optimisation is the key to ensuring you stand out amongst local and global competition. There are many other antique dealers also promoting their presence online through their website. 

If you want to be right at the top of Google, or get there immediately, we also suggest that you allocate some budget towards paid ad words on Google, Bing, or on Social Media platforms. This will help your company appear first and get listed as a premium choice on Google.

When it comes to antiques, it is worth working with a specialist in this area, as there are particular keywords such as - top antique dealers, decorative antiques, French antiques etc. And also, there are other style and origin search terms and variations separate from the specific antique style and origin terms that will all help the company website get listed in the top of a search. 

Keywords help various clientele to check your website directly and hence give you quality leads that can be converted into potential business. Antique collectors, for instance, are very particular in their search. 
So an antique dealer can successfully use optimisation to achieve prosperous and sustainable business by allocating a budget focused towards obtaining the right customers. 

Optimisation also gathers data on your visitors, learning their frequency of visits, the habits, the devices, the locations and even times of the day. This data allows an understanding of the popular pages, so you can ensure these are working for you, and highlights development areas for weaker pages. You may also try to gather personal information such as emails which in turn allows you to develop further email marketing strategies as well. 

At Website Designs for Antiques we highly recommended website optimisation as a marketing tool for advertising and promoting small/niche businesses. We have a strong and growing portfolio of Antique dealers so understand the needs of the dealer, the customer and this marketplace.