Antique Shops Website Maintenance

 Aug 07, 2020


A website will not work at 100% if it is not maintained periodically. Having a good website for your antique shop gives you a digital foothold and a considerable amount of exposure. But maintenance and support are essential to make sure that it continues to do its job well. Every antique website is different and at Website Design for Antiques, we provide you with precisely the support that you need for your website. 

We maintain the front end of your website - keep it up to date, ensuring the links work, checkout remains secure, your contact forms are working, and plug ins to social media accounts or other info sources are still working. We also ensure that your admin area does not appear cluttered with unnecessary elements, making it extremely easy for you to manage your website. Or can respond to changes to add or remove features as required.

Over the years we have worked on a number of websites for Antique dealers in West Sussex and beyond and we believe that our affinity for this particular industry and familiarity of dealing with the discerning clientele has enabled us to understand the unique requirements of our clients very well. While you focus on the expertise of objects from the former ages, you can rest assured that the mundane affairs such as your website building and its maintenance are in good hands.

We can also provide support for IT issues such as emails, domain names, and nonstandard IT tricks. Our antique websites are scalable, and elements can be added as and when required. We can also provide guidance about incorporating different aspects to help support your business further. This includes:
  • Product description videos
  • Visualisation of a piece in your home
  • Video testimonials and more

Join us; we have a long-established and growing portfolio, offer solutions and unique ideas that will help your business in the long run. Get in touch with us to discuss your project.